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Questions and Answers

EAV Manager / Clever Data Manager

Don't mistake this bundle with the Clever Data Manager! This bundle is just about the configuration of a "bare" EAV Model without any interface related stuff. The Clever Data Manager is a full-stack Symfony distribution based on the Sidus/EAVModelBundle aiming to resolve much higher problems than just the model.

It features:

  • Configurable admins, datagrids and CRUD
  • Advanced import & export features using the CleverAge/ProcessBundle
  • User management
  • Bootstrap UI in SASS

The Clever Data Manager is already in production for a dozen projects but the documentation is still a work in progress so it's currently not advised to bootstrap new projects with it unless you really know what you're doing.

Also, this bundle is my intellectual property whereas the Clever Data Manager is the property of Clever-Age a full-service agency covering the entire digital production chain.


See the performances annex

Cloning/duplicating entities

EAV entities supports the clone expression. Embed data will be cloned and all other relations will keep their pointers.

PHP Classes

Each family can have a specific PHP class for it's entities, but only through Doctrine's single table inheritance. Use the data_class option in the family configuration to specify it.

Default values

Easy, use the default option in the attribute configuration. It won't work for relations with other entities though. This can be achieved by overriding the family service and the createData method or by using Doctrine events on save.

PHP Version support

It should be compatible with PHP 5.6 and up to 7.2.

Symfony supports

Symfony 2.7 compatibility has stopped, but we still supports Symfony 2.8 although the target version is clearly Symfony 3.x.

API Platform support

Not available for the moment without the use of the Clever Data Manager (also see dedicated question)