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Using a form

The default form to edit entities is referenced as 'Sidus\EAVModelBundle\Form\Type\DataType' and the only thing to keep in mind is that it can't work without the "family" option.

DataType forms

The DataType form and those who inherit from it (TabbedDataType) allows you to automatically generate forms to manipulate entities inside the model.


use Sidus\EAVModelBundle\Form\Type\DataType;

/** @var \Symfony\Component\Form\FormFactoryInterface $formFactory */
$form = $formFactory->create(DataType::class, null, [
    'family' => 'Post',

The only required option is the family used to defines the model to use to generate the form

Options references


Required in most cases, used to know how to generate the fields. Can either be the family code or the family object.


Defaults to the FamilyInterface::createData() method of the family.


Used in embed forms to reference to the attribute holding the embed DataType. In this case, if no family option is passed, the form will check the allowed_families option of the attribute to get the family. This will work only if there is only a single family in the allowed_families option.


This option is a little complicated and requires a whole chapter:

DataType form configuration