Blazing fast data modeling with Symfony

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This bundle can be used with many other bundle to add many functionalities.


Twitter's Bootstrap integration with date-pickers and autocomplete inputs using Select2: Sidus/EAVBootstrapBundle


You can add role-based permissions to your EAV model very easily using the Sidus/EAVPermissionBundle

Filters & DataGrids

Sidus/FilterBundle can be used to create forms to filter result sets of various kind. Compatibility with this bundle is achieved through the Sidus/EAVFilterBundle.

From there it's very easy to configure datagrids using the Sidus/DataGridBundle which extends the FilterBundle.

Clever Data Manager

If you are looking for a complete distribution to manage EAV data, checkout the Clever Data Manager or EAV Manager developed by Clever-Age a full-service agency covering the entire digital production chain. See the Q&A chapter for more information.